Cultural Audits
We analyze your courses and materials - preferably early in the design process - to ensure that:

  • Content is culturally relevant to the targeted learners.
  • Training methods and approaches fit cultural learning styles.
  • The course does not alienate learners (humor, geo-political issues, religion, gender roles, etc.).
  • The course is written and designed to minimize the costs of translation and localization.


Email us for a PRELIMINARY cultural audit.
You can send large files via our Drop Box.

Strategic Globalization of Training and Development Programs
We help you globalize your training and development programs, resulting in:
  • Restructured curriculum that addresses international needs.
  • Identification of courses most critical to your global learners.
  • Conversion of courses, where needed, to online versions.
  • Alignment of course content and materials to cultural preferences and learning styles.
  • Revised courses that are culturally sensitive and contextualized.
  • Accurate localization and cost effective translation.

We offer the following workshops to help you prepare content for learners from non-U.S. cultures:
  • Culturally Appropriate Instructional Design
  • Globalizing your eLearning
  • Writing for a Multicultural Audience
  • Understanding and Using Global English

Curriculum Analysis
We analyze existing courses or curricula for their ability to achieve desirable learning objectives and business outcomes.  Our comprehensive report will then guide your revisions in a timely, cost effective manner that prioritizes your organization's and learners' needs. 

eLearning Conversions
We convert existing courses into elearning formats or blended solutions.

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