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Dr. Andrea Edmundson

Global Learning Strategist

Culturally Appropriate Instructional Design

I specialize in culturally appropriate instructional design, a research-based approach to creating training courses - classroom or online - that align to the preferences and learning styles of other cultures.

I adopted training and professional development as my career 25 years ago, when I attended a two-week 'Training of Trainers' Workshop as a Peace Corps volunteer in Zaire, Central Africa.  Since then, I have lived, worked, or traveled in more than 30 countries, experiencing the different cultural characteristics and preferences of learners around the world.  I earned my Master's degree in International Development and my Ph.D. in Educational Technology.   I am also a Certified Professional in Learning and Performance (CPLP). 

As the corporate educator for multinational companies, I've had the opportunity to create, test, and revamp training courses for multicultural audiences the way they could save money and travel light http://pheloans.com/save-money-and-travel-light.html.  From my research, I created the Cultural Adaptation Process (CAP) Model©, the method I use to align your course - content, methodologies, and technologies -  to the needs of your global learners.  I published the pioneering book, Globalized eLearning Cultural Challenges [2007] and Cases on Culturally Appropriate eLearning: Challenges and Solutions [December 2010].  I am actively involved in international training and development through professional associations such as, ASTD, ISPI, SIETAR, and GALA.  As adjunct faculty, I teach graduate courses in adult education and elearning.  In addition, I was the President of the Global eLearning Community for 10 years, sharing cultural experiences with more than 3,000 professional educators around the world.

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The eWorld Learning Team
As the Global Learning Strategist for eWorld Learning, Inc.
, I coordinate a team of experts - instructional designers, interculturalists, editors, translation & localization professionals, and subject matter experts (SMEs) - for each project.  

In addition, I have built relationships with thousands of professionals worldwide, which allows me to substantiate cultural research, to conduct focus groups, to validate cultural modifications, and to complete usability tests without using client resources.


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